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The 34,474 visitor Case Study that Started it all!

The Travel Site that EXPLODED with Traffic…

WikiCloner was created after Josh figured out a “secret loophole” (so to speak) with Wikipedia content. He had a tourism site that he was looking for good content to publish to.

He didn’t have expertise in the particular topic, so he just copied the Wikipedia page to his blog. After only a month the page had 2,445 visitors and was ranking on the top pages of Google!

So he thought, “WHY is this totally duplicate content doing so well? He realized the reason why is because the content is regularly updated, and the structure of the content is often changed. That fools Google!


Because the original was updated so often, people starting coping HIS content, and the original Wikipedia page no longer showed as the source!

So we built a tool (WikiCloner) that does this, but takes it several steps further! 


Auto-Post to WordPress Blogs

WikiCloner allows you to find wiki articles based on your keyword, then pull the image and directly publish to your site with the click of a button!


Spin for more uniqueness

WikiCloner allows you to go even further, by auto-spinning English language articles (then reviewing as needed) so you can SPEED UP the process of your content becoming more and more unique!


Instantly Publish or Drip-Feed Content

Within about ONE MINUTE you can have an unlimited number of articles published (even spun if you choose) and scheduled for future publishing, to your site!


Search in ANY Language

WikiCloner supports all world languages. If there are Wikipedia articles in the language you’re looking for, WikiCloner will find them!

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Mac/PC Compatible web application.

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